🌎 Ethos 🌍

Min-Ji Kim is a London based brand who creates all of her own textiles through knitting, weaving, and silkscreen printing with collaboration of London based artists and production companies.

With a strong belief of transparency of sourcing and material content, Min-Ji uses mostly deadstock yarns sourced in Italy and end-of-line leather. If not deadstock, fabrics and materials are sourced from small businesses located in London/South Korea and/or are vintage materials.

Special techniques such as knitting in fully fashioned meaning the shape of the garment is made during the process of knitting, signficantly lessening the amount of fabrics and yarns wasted.

Each deadstock fabric is limited to quantity of specific colours and size; this means each garment is unique and is made with intent of not wasting any fabric whilst cutting and making. Some fabrics are collaged together to create less waste, but this does not alter the shape and presentation of the garment.

The garments are just as unique as yourself <3